• Thank You So MUCH!

    Hey Guys, thank you so much for responding to the post on social media.

    We are currently testing out a new tool that we are excited about it.


    The tool aims to 1. Look at root causes. 2. Emotional Wholeness and 3. How to move forward.

    As a part of allowing us to work with you, we will be giving you a one free month when our new online community launches in the near future.


    We hope you walk away feeling more insightful, empowered and full of grace to overcome!


    Please click on the link to make your (non-refundable) payment and book your session. Please note that spaces are limited.

    Sessions will be one hour, on a private call between you and I.





    As founder of Purity Talks™ you may be interested in knowing that I’m a certified Personal Performance and Emotional Wholeness Coach. I’m also a Personality Specialist, happily living in 12 years of abstinent. As a result, there are many tools and life experience that can be used to guide you.


    Please note that I am bound by confidentiality as a professional, so everything will be held in the strictest of confidence. I know shame and embarrassment are a HUGE aspect of seeking help, but look...you've come this far and I'm more than happy to help! #ShameFreeZone


    If you haven't seen it yet, check out our page www.puritytalks.com when you have time for more information and other resources.


    Bless you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


    Cherlene xoxo

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