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Sacrifice: The Making of Purity Talks

“For the greatest love of all is a love that sacrifices all. And this great love is demonstrated when a person sacrifices his life for his friends.” - John 15:13

I’m pretty much known as an optimist. A lover of chasing dreams and one that can blow up an idea 100x and pull out all the stops to make it happen. I’m also known to be a lover of Truth, authenticity and owning my story - even if it means confronting the very thing that scares me to the core. Standing in authenticity is a lifeline to freedom and is something that I feel I owe to the world. I believe that from owning my story, walking in my truth and being authentic throughout is what produced Purity Talks.

Purity Talks is ‘my baby’, consisting of a faithful team of individuals who I love dearly. Ones who have a heart for the message and who I am humbled by, in their belief in me and their desire to serve God’s dream. This is exactly as I see it. A dream that God took out of His Heart and placed in mine, to facilitate here on the earth, through the filter of my life’s experiences and professional occupation. Purity Talks is about normalising the narrative of sex in the Christian and the church through conversations and workshops - because being in church it was difficult to find someone who could guide me on how to deal with the tension between my sexual appetite and living within what my faith required of me.

The years of incubating this ‘baby’ and the morning, noon and night sickness I’ve endured has been staggering. This baby is one of the good fruits that has come out of a childhood sexual abuse, where I was groomed and raped by a youth leader in church. It’s that Romans 8:28 type of thing that says: “So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are His lovers who have been called to fulfil His designed purpose.” I won’t to go into the details here (loooong but beautiful story) but here’s a link to a video that shares how God took me through healing and grew me to a place of forgiveness.
God’s grace and healing redemptive power is so incredibly real that I’ve had the honour of meeting with him - the man that groomed me and got to pray for and prophesy over his life - you can see that video here. The very thing that was meant for evil has been turned around for so much good.

In all of this though I must tell you: Purity Talks is the greatest sacrifice of my life so far and it has been scary. My love has been stretched through birthing this ministry as an extension of me. It requires me to examine my life and verify that what I am putting out is an accurate reflection. It has caused me to confront fears, faulty beliefs and fading dreams. Besides that, bouts of depression, days in my bed questioning and contemplating my entire life (slight exaggeration). There have been texts and audio notes lamenting to my intercessors. Anxiety, doubt and months of loss of confidence and the tears have been like nothing else.

I stand in awe of God because despite all of the hardships, Purity Talks excites me. In a world that distorts truth and actively desensitises us with images of false ‘realities’, it can be a challenge to embody and maintain our core values - i.e waiting for our spouses and valuing emotional, mental and sexual purity.

I reflect on the stages of healing that God took me through, very often. The beautiful disarray of frustration and anger towards myself and God, to being awkwardly ambushed by His Truth and Love. To witness the outrageous pursuit of the Holy Spirit to exchange shame for freedom, and to encounter a faithful and persistent God who sees us with pure beauty in His eyes. A Father who breathes Hope in every line of His Words - that reassures us that He wants us to live in victory and from a place of being empowered.

When you engage with us know this: although we may never meet or get to know each other, know that everything that Purity Talks produces - whether it is a podcast, audio clip, blog, course, event or one to one conversation - it is with you in mind. At the heart of it we are on this journey together and we never ever have to walk it on our own.
I love you friend,
To your purity,
Cherlene Wilson
Founder Purity Talks™

ps. Please leave comments or questions below - we check them. Connect with us, join our community, floor us on social @puritytalksonline for Instagram and Facebook. Glean, ask questions and answer the polls on IG.

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